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  • Guzma Practice Sketch
    Guzma Practice Sketch
    ... difficult for me to draw fanart. All characters have little to...
  • Warm-Up Sketches
    Warm-Up Sketches
    So, I haven't drawn anything in nearly a month... so, today, I took some time to shake off the rust that has accumulated over not touching my tablet in forever, and yeah, I was very rusty indeed.The thing is, well, some of you may know that Pokémon X/Y ...
  • Crisis on Earth-X
    Crisis on Earth-X
    il y a 11 jours par rafimage | Bandes dessinées
    ... sympa. Comme c'est un fanart, je ne peux pas non...'est le but d'un fanart    instagram : https...
  • En cours
    En cours
    il y a 13 jours par rafimage | Bandes dessinées
    Work in Progress.Un petit fanart de Supergirl. Parce que Crisis...
  • Décoration
    il y a 12 jours par rafimage | Bandes dessinées
    La suite.J'ai fini la version méchante. Maintenant c'est au tour de Supergirl gentille Du rougeDu bleusur la feuille, sur mes doigts, bref.... du pastel sec quoi ou comment redécorer son bureau en un dessin ! instagram : https://www...
  • 12 12
    12 12
    ... of celebratory fanart because I am so not into fanart anymore and... better than the previous VE fanart of Madame Tarantula I spent.... Oh well~ Anyway... I drew fanart so now I feel better... I'm so bad at fanart... but the only way it... do this and call it fanart, it's just so unoriginal...
  • Ankha & Lucky
    Ankha & Lucky
    ...Moar Animal Crossing fanart that is totally not cute ... my work if I draw fanart... if I posted a drawing..., even if it's just fanart, it's still something I...
  • I'm Proud of You
    I'm Proud of You
    ... why I ever stopped drawing fanart, it's like the best... the reason I stopped drawing fanart altogether (and thus didn't... was already somewhat related to fanart. Urgh... to think I let...
  • Heroine Lineart
    Heroine Lineart
    Lineart version of THE VELVET fanart for my friend Sparrow~
  • Strangelove
    ... I absolutely had to draw fanart and it was actually fun.... Most of the time drawing fanart is stressful for me, but...