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  • <b>measurement</b> of road scenes <b>visibility</b> : distance of detection , of recognition , of identification
    measurement of road scenes visibility : distance of detection , of recognition , of identification
    il y a 3636 jours par NEXYAD | Science
    ... have a "true " measurement of visibility, ie a measure that react exactly like... the world that provides a visibility measurement system used by several industries... the visibility of the road. It is advantageous to have a visibility measurement...
  • <b>Visibility</b> <b>measurement</b> for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle
    Visibility measurement for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle
    il y a 3005 jours par ADASinfo | Auto
    ... worked for years on atmospheric visibility measurement for military application, and was... bench for visibility measurement. It sets a vehicle with calibrated visibility disturbances (rain... topics : . visibility measurement to control Visibility restoration systems (wiper, lighting, ...) . qualification of visibility conditions...
  • Measuring <b>Visibility</b> : principles
    Measuring Visibility : principles
    il y a 3706 jours par NEXYAD | Science
    ...version Française) Needs for visibility measurement The visibility measurement is potentially useful for several... ) : visibility measurement and control of wipers and other restoration visibility systems - Measurement of... of visibility measurement The company NEXYAD has developed a tool to measure visibility. This...
  • Windshield wipers systems efficiency <b>measurement</b> : the use of a <b>visibility</b> score
    Windshield wipers systems efficiency measurement : the use of a visibility score
    il y a 4936 jours par Techno-blog | Science
    ... only solution would be to measure the visibility for the driver through... of measurement that includes a rain machine (RainNex ™) and a measure of visibility...: drop size, rainfall, ...). The measure of visibility through a windshield uses mathematical...
  • in-vehicle, onboard <b>visibility</b> <b>measurement</b>
    in-vehicle, onboard visibility measurement
    il y a 3636 jours par NEXYAD | Science
    ... would be important then to measure visibility onboard ... This is currently done... ). However, it is possible to measure visibility from a camera. The company... restore visibility. NEXYAD also developed an on-board module for visibility measurement : VisiNex...
  • <b>Visibility</b> <b>measurement</b> : <b>Visibility</b> <b>measurement</b> tool, <b>visibility</b> sensor using a camera
    Visibility measurement : Visibility measurement tool, visibility sensor using a camera
    il y a 3636 jours par NEXYAD | Science
    ...en Français cliquez ICI) Measurement of visibility is an issue that has..., ports, etc.) visibility estimation : it is a sensor visibility:Onboard VisiNex These...-Transportation/?page_id=159VisiNex Onboard (measurement of visibility in front of a car...
  • <b>visibility</b> <b>measurement</b> to test the effectiveness of a demister system
    visibility measurement to test the effectiveness of a demister system
    il y a 3707 jours par NEXYAD | Science
    ... by the French Government. The visibility measurement performed by the tool VisiNex... VisiNex targetsoutside . VisiNex tool measures the change in visibility ( eg VQS ) during... visibility is the same (same initial mist) and the final visibility...
  • <b>visibility</b> <b>measurement</b> and Johnson criteria
    visibility measurement and Johnson criteria
    il y a 3615 jours par NEXYAD | Science
    ...version française ICI)   Visibility measurement can be accomplished in several... roads to improve visibility) . - Heuristic approaches that measure the contrast of images and calibrate heuristically in terms of visibility...

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