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  • the <b>rule</b> of thirds
    the rule of thirds
    il y a 3516 jours par wiwi21 | Photo
    ... it is, a basic rule in art : the rule of thirds.  ... painting, photography and design. The rule states that an image should... demonstrates the application of the rule of thirds. The horizon sits... seeing more examples illustrating this rule, you may want to visit...
  • New <b>Rules</b> Could Finally Clear the Way for Self-Driving Cars
    New Rules Could Finally Clear the Way for Self-Driving Cars
    il y a 126 jours par NEXYAD | Auto
    ... issue: The federal vehicle safety rules that govern car design assume..., and electrical wiring. The proposed rules would make small changes to... adjusted standards would nix some rules related to rider safety for... steering wheel traditionally lives. The rules would also clarify the definition...
  • Using Transport <b>Rules</b> to protect your organization from the ‘Here You Have’ Worm
    Using Transport Rules to protect your organization from the ‘Here You Have’ Worm
    ... from spreading by email. Transport Rule Predicates (or Conditions in the... blocks of a transport rule. You can use rule conditions to inspect.... In Exchange 2010, the Transport Rules agent can also inspect attachment... in Transport Rule Predicates and Transport Rule Actions. Creating the Transport Rule -->...
  • Introducing Attachment Inspection in Transport <b>Rules</b>
    Introducing Attachment Inspection in Transport Rules
    ... pattern matching functionality in Transport Rules to include the inspection of...') have been added to Transport Rules: when an attachment contains words... attachment matches text patterns Transport Rules with one of these conditions... outside of the organization. Transport Rules can be established to enforce...
  • Critique Single - <b>Rule</b>/Sparkle
    Critique Single - Rule/Sparkle
    il y a 3903 jours par Rom_F | Musique
    | 2 commentaire(s) »
    ... du controversé Dragon ball Evolution, Rule interpelle et laisse  alors... époque ! Nouvelle composition pop/rock, Rule est très représentatif des récents... versions alternatives de trois chansons: Rule, days et GREEN. A ce...... Dernier remix, le Rule (80kidz's ''No More Rule'' mix) devrait alors...
  • Blood of Eden T1 - The Immortal <b>Rules</b>
    Blood of Eden T1 - The Immortal Rules
    il y a 2566 jours par CeReSu | Littérature et Poésie
    | 11 commentaire(s) »
    ... survive, she must learn the rules of being immortal, including the.... Aussi, j'attendais The Immortal Rules avec impatience, pour voir si..., Julie est brillante! The Immortal Rules est surprenant, unique! Oubliez les... les vampires, alors lisez Immortal Rules. Et oubliez tout ce que...
  • No more <b>rules</b>, graphic design and postmodernism
    No more rules, graphic design and postmodernism
    ... ‘Before you start breaking the rules, you should know what they... in itself: Forget all the rules about Graphic Design. Including the... essentially self-taught, but his rule-breaking method was grounded in... Cocteau... Designers re-examined existing rules and forges new approaches. New...
  • Extreme <b>Rules</b> 2011
    Extreme Rules 2011
    il y a 3441 jours par ncatch | Sports
    ... un ladder match à Extreme Rules.          ... un triple threat à Extreme Rules pour le WWE championship. John... demandé un match à Extreme Rules contre Cole et Swagger. Celui... smackdown 2 semaines avant Extreme Rules, les deux catcheurs se sont...