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  • Who is the Prophet Muhammad
    Who is the Prophet Muhammad "peace be upon him" ?
    il y a 1005 jours par Spirit Journey | Religions et Croyances
    ...- إنه من غير حياتنا وطباعنا السيئة إلى حسنة A Muslim doesn’t steal- المسلم .. لا يسرق A Muslim doesn’t lie المسلم لا يكذب A Muslim doesn’t drink alcohol- المسلم لا يشرب الخمر A Muslim doesn’t commit adultery- المسلم لا يزنى A Muslim... best Muslim, no Muslim can be as perfect as he was, Muslims try...
  • A would have been nation
    A would have been nation
    il y a 4242 jours par Joelle Barakat | Inclassable
    ... you Christian, take your fellow Muslim as your compatriot, to accept... I dare doubt Muslim? do I dare trust Muslim?Many have warned... room. "NO", cried Muslim, and tears fell down his... distrust in Christian.And so, Muslim and Christian never were united...
  • Fomi - <b>Muslim</b>
    Fomi - Muslim
    il y a 3934 jours par toprapmaroc | Musique
    yehhhbghini wela kraheni muslim me3akom daymanfomii l3ezz Z-Flow ... fomii fome jama3 fenofomii fome Muslim ;Muslim fomo bari menofomii fome 7agarfomii... fomi hadak fomi ghali... Ecouter Muslim
  • First Moon of Ramadan
    First Moon of Ramadan
    il y a 2032 jours par calligraphy | Tourisme et Voyages
    .... However, as with all important Muslim calendar days, the actual beginning... depends on whether the high Muslim authority, known as the Cadi... years, especially on a particular Muslim fete day called Miradji (the..., are boycotted by all the Muslim staff, who are at home...
  • <b>Muslim</b> quarter and mosque
    Muslim quarter and mosque
    il y a 460 jours par telejoy | Tourisme et Voyages
    ..., I finally went to the Muslim quarter of Xi An to... sign of round dome or Muslim sign outside to "advertise". Then... selling scarves or traditional Chinese Muslim hats it was also a... the name of the Chinese Muslims who are the descendant of...