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  • 1048 OREWA energy complex Aotearoa NZ
    1048 OREWA energy complex Aotearoa NZ
    il y a 2524 jours par JCS2CV | Science
    ... tahunga maoris people.  - Several "circles-medicine." Saqqara is a physical representation... in place, the memory too. (Medicine circles C)This is what guides... concerned only with the "C" medicine circles by laziness to move from... : SILVERDALE city :    The Medicine Circles showns are mainly in private...
    il y a 1082 jours par JCS2CV | Science
    ... autant de Cercles-médecine ou "MEDICINE WHELLS" (roues médecine) où les... du réseau Uranium My first CIRCLES Amerindian MEDICINE found me there is... complement the indigenous pharmacopeia.This medicine was that practiced for millennia... thérapique GREAT VALUE of these circles-medicine.Ces cercles-médecine sont des...
  • 1051 - WAIATARUA ASC
    1051 - WAIATARUA ASC
    il y a 2498 jours par JCS2CV | Science
    ... vortex columns allow uses in-Circles medicine, or weather control energy, botany... the 7th century AD.The "medicine circles" are still in good condition...
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