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  • The Midnight Special (1975.03.07)
    The Midnight Special (1975.03.07)
    il y a 2063 jours par BlankFormatted | Musique
    ... album Have You Never Been Mellow.   She performed If You Love Me (Let Me Know), Have You Never Been Mellow, The Air That I Breathe, You Ain't Got The Right and I Never Did Sing You A...
  • Souvenirs Souvenirs (1983)
    Souvenirs Souvenirs (1983)
    il y a 2085 jours par BlankFormatted | Musique
    ... then I'll think of you performed at the 1973 Tokyo... to you instead of the one from Hollywood Nights, and the Have you never been mellow... to me, as I've never seen it anywhere else.  ...
  • The Tonight Show (1975.03.14)
    The Tonight Show (1975.03.14)
    il y a 2083 jours par BlankFormatted | Musique
    Olivia's second appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. She performed Have You Never Been Mellow and Follow Me live. There's also a short interview where she discusses awards and her success in the US.   DOWNLOAD
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