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  • Après la pluie
    Après la pluie
    il y a 8 jours par Isabelle Pons | Bandes dessinées
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    ... bien écrits. Allez, un petit fanart, pour l'occasion ! Parce que...
  • Radu Vladislas
    Radu Vladislas
    .... I'll probably draw some fanart of those games eventually because...
  • Snatcher Without Cowl
    Snatcher Without Cowl
    Something I've been wanting to draw for a while.Lately, I've been feeling very potato and I don't feel like doing anything besides laying around with my brain turned off. I had to kick my ass a whole lot in order to draw this real quick. Luckily this ...
  • Mister Bagman
    Mister Bagman
    The sexiest mofo in Yharnam. ♥The Madman might be my favourite enemy in the game, and I do find them really cute, but the Snatcher (apparently their official name is actually Kidnapper, how boring) is 10/10 daddy material, holy fuck. Like most monsters ...
  • Marque-Pages en folie
    Marque-Pages en folie
    il y a 47 jours par Mana_a | Arts plastiques et Artistes
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    ... - Août 2017~     ~Fanart de la peluche de dragon...-pages Yoshi.     ~Fanart de Yoshi : Marque-pages - Encre... spécial, pour la série !  ~Fanart de Nina, héroine de la... compte un fanart de la série...)     ~Fanart de Ladybug...
  • Grave Warden
    Grave Warden
    ... gonna be fun for Bloodborne fanart because I have a lot...
  • Sinh
    ... much for trying to draw fanart of my favourite dragon in...