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  • Qu'avez vous fait cette semaine ?
    Qu'avez vous fait cette semaine ?
    il y a 20 jours par Salome610 | Broderie
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    ...-shirt plantin de Deer & Doe est trop top et décider...
  • #Couture : Combinaison #Sirocco de Deer <b>and</b> <b>Doe</b>, encore!
    #Couture : Combinaison #Sirocco de Deer and Doe, encore!
    il y a 57 jours par Celenaa | Loisirs
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    ... mon Dealer de tissus Deer and Doe je prévois plusieurs projets! Et..." pour agrandir) Combinaison Sirocco - Deer and Doetaille 52ajustement petite poirine ... plus gros succès de Deer and Doe et pour cause : il allie...
  • Ma robe couleur de soleil
    Ma robe couleur de soleil
    il y a 37 jours par bonheursdestelle | Couture
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    ... la robe Zéphyr de Deer and Doe. Comme le patron est fait...
  • Short jaune
    Short jaune
    il y a 71 jours par Huloga | Couture
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    ... du livre de Deer & Do, un coupon de lin et...
  • * 2015 *
    * 2015 *
    il y a 3223 jours par viocky | Couture
    ... t-shirt Plantain de Deer and Doe. C'est un patron gratuit... by Paunnet on the Deer and Doe blog. It is a hack... and Doe En 2014 j'ai aussi reçu le livre de Tilly and... mots d'Eléonore de Deer and Doe, un beau message éthique de... words of Eléonore from Deer and Doe and wish you all a...
  • ... all and it`s a national park- we decided to do
    il y a 4519 jours par Phileas Fogg | Tourisme et Voyages
    ... all and it`s a national park- we decided to do two ,Pulau Manukan and Pulau Sapi .Anyway... we`re going to try and do something away from the city...- AND I do love to worry  !!We got up early and headed... and on to the boat ….I really do not like that boat and...
  • La Jupe Chataigne #1
    La Jupe Chataigne #1
    il y a 2828 jours par lorientaisesav | Loisirs
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    ...'hui l'équipe de Deer and Doe a sorti une superbe... version jupe ... Eléonore de Deer and Do a publié un tuto pour... : Jupe Chataigne de Deer and Doe   Tissus : Jean Stretch...'habitude avec les patrons Deer and Doe, je ferais sans doute 1...
  • Chardon wax
    Chardon wax
    il y a 3356 jours par samd | Couture et Scrapbooking
    .... Instead of pulling my white and coral seersucker, I pulled that... with this very crisp fabric. And after its second turn in... the wax treatment was gone and the fabric became so very... wear everywhere, including to work, and the very loud print of...: Chardon skirt from Deer & Doe Size: 42 Fabric: Wax coton...
  • This is not normally serious <b>and</b> usually <b>does</b> not last long
    This is not normally serious and usually does not last long
    il y a 4138 jours par leofxgc | Rencontres
    ... the problem of chronic constipation and constipation due to pain. Laxatives... serious, and can be prevented and relieved by diet, exercise and lifestyle changes... can turn into sluggish and. Move the intestine does not have to... in dietary fiber, flaxseed protects and cleans the digestive tract, relieves...
  • <b>And</b> thats what we <b>do</b>
    And thats what we do
    il y a 4162 jours par narawadeeoi | Amours et Sentiments
    .... You do not pay time looking for a specialist. Apples and fruits... of colon cleansing and prevention of constipation. If you do not exercise..., stagnant waste in the intestines and poisonous toxins are absorbed into... in silence, why not do certain experiments and try to constipation natural...

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