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  • Scandal [3x01 - Review]
    Scandal [3x01 - Review]
    il y a 2428 jours par DBDE99 | Séries
    It's Handled (Season Premiere) I am a rose. Dying on the vine here. Give a war to run ou the C.I.A or something but ... I use the copious amounts of free time I have to think ! And I have been thinking : Who could have possibly leaked that name, and ...
  • Scandal [2x22 - Review]
    Scandal [2x22 - Review]
    il y a 2621 jours par DBDE99 | Séries
    White Hat's Back On (Season Finale) The love of your life is a red-handed, cold-blooded killer. That is what you're dealing with ! That is you love ! Cyrus People keep on learning. Soldiers keep on warning. World keep on turning. Cause it won’...
  • Scandal [2x20 & 2x21 - Review]
    Scandal [2x20 & 2x21 - Review]
    il y a 2640 jours par DBDE99 | Séries
    A Woman Scorned // Any Questions ? // My marriage is none of your business. Fitz Cette saison 2 se terminant déjà dans le prochain épisode, Scandal nous propose une conséquente montée en puissance lors de ces deux épisodes. Et la série nous offre...
  • Scandal [2x18 & 2x19 - Review]
    Scandal [2x18 & 2x19 - Review]
    il y a 2655 jours par DBDE99 | Séries
    Molly, You In Danger, Girl // Seven Fifty Two But I stopped for you. You made me stop. It was your eyes. You have the saddest eyes. They were sadder than mine. Olivia  Bouleversant cet épisode de Scandal, le 19ème de cette saison. Jamais ...
  • Scandal [2x12 & 2x13]
    Scandal [2x12 & 2x13]
    il y a 2735 jours par DBDE99 | Séries
    Truth Or Consequences, Nobody Likes Babies Do you love me ? Enought to .. to be on my side. No matter what happend, what I'm done - I have nerver left your side. You left mine but I'm never left yours. And yes, I do love you. Fitz & Mellie...
  • Scandal [2x10 & 2x11]
    Scandal [2x10 & 2x11]
    il y a 2757 jours par DBDE99 | Séries
    One For A Dog - A Criminal, A Whore, an Idiot and a Liar // The way this world works, the people is you and me and Hollis and Mellie and Verna . Cyrus Ouah, ouah et Oh My God ! Je ne sais pas trop par quoi commencer, j'aimerais trouver un ...
  • Scandal 2x09
    Scandal 2x09
    il y a 2788 jours par DBDE99 | Séries
    Blown Away, Mid-Season Finale One pill makes you larger. One pill makes you small. Verna Scandal, en cette saison 2 continue de se surpasser que ce soit sur le plan des intrigues ou des audiences. Je ne vais pas m'en plaindre en tout cas, car ...
  • Scandal [2x05 à 2x08]
    Scandal [2x05 à 2x08]
    il y a 2798 jours par DBDE99 | Séries
    All Roads Leads to Fitz, Spies Like Us, Defiance, Happy Birthday, Mr. President //// // The White House has to be, I mean that it is not surprising that he keeps silent. Fred Wallace. Avec son épisode huit, Happy Birthday, Mr. President, ...
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