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  • Wash on Monday ...iron ... etc ...
    Wash on Monday ...iron ... etc ...
    il y a 909 jours par poppym | Broderie
    ... day had its own proper chores and she used to say...
  • The little panties and petticoats ...
    The little panties and petticoats ...
    il y a 903 jours par poppym | Broderie
    were whiter than snow ..." Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House on the Prairie) ***** PATTERN available in my Laura Ingalls ALBUM Completed pillow is sold Happy stitching my friends
  • "Ma churned for a long time.
    il y a 1755 jours par poppym | Broderie
    Mary could sometimes churn while Ma rested but the dash was too heavy for Laura." Little House in the Big Woods Laura Ingalls Wilder ***** Sold, thank you ! Click to ENLARGE the pics !!!        Happy Stitching my friends !!!
  • "Ma sat on the rocking chair ...
    il y a 2764 jours par poppym | Broderie
    sewing by the light of the lamp on the table." Laura Ingalls Wilder "Little House in the Big Woods" ******** My new pattern is available HERE Completed Pillow : Sold, thanks ! and a second pattern ... for Rabbits and Spring Lovers ... HERE  ...
  • Mais que fait le MLF ?
    Mais que fait le MLF ?
    il y a 4347 jours par RIBAMBINS | Inclassable
    | 9 commentaire(s) »
    Interlude pour présenter avec le Vintage Friday notre thème mensuel. Depuis la publication de ce billet, la situation ne s'est guère améliorée, les garçons sont toujours aussi absents. A fortiori quand on replonge dans les publications des soixante ...
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