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  • Brillant idea - Tokyo illuminated
    Brillant idea - Tokyo illuminated
    il y a 3022 jours par NoemiMonogatari | Photo
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      According to a survey launched by JTB Corp (The Nikkei - Thursday, November 12, 2009), only 15% of the Japanese say that they plan to have a look at the Christmas lights. It’s a pity especially if you live in Tokyo, even if I heard that Kobe’s ...
  • Christmas Time, In & Out
    Christmas Time, In & Out
    il y a 3022 jours par NoemiMonogatari | Photo
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    Sorry for this long silence, but I volontarily subscribed to a ten-days laptop rehab during my holidays. My poor eyes were thanskful for this break, but as soon as I went back to my Japanese home, my old addiction took the controle again. Here I am, in ...
  • La bûche Cars de Noël
    La bûche Cars de Noël
    il y a 3074 jours par So DeliciouS | Cuisine et Gastronomie
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    Voici une bûche que l'on peut qualiiée d'originale je pense surtout quand on voit le sapin !! Arf c'est gonflé =))) Un très bon Noël et de bonnes fêtes de fin d'année a tous ;))
  • Before Christmas
    Before Christmas
    il y a 3077 jours par NoemiMonogatari | Photo
    Before Christmas. If you are a Happy Few, this is the moment when you can really witness the beauty of life; and also deeply realize that so many people, very far or very close, can not enjoy it. I just had a wonderful week with my beloved family and my ...
  • L'esprit de Noël
    L'esprit de Noël
    il y a 3083 jours par Kelpaich | Vie de quartier
    A Dallas (et je suis sûre que cela s'étend à tous les Etats-Unis) on a le sens de Noël. Par là, je veux dire que pour en faire tout un patacaisse, ils sont forts. Cela brille de partout: dans les jardins, sur les maisons, les vendeurs peuvent même ...
  • Cosmic Christmas Lights
    Cosmic Christmas Lights
    il y a 3090 jours par NoemiMonogatari | Photo
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    Yesterday was the night of the moon eclipse; obviously, I could not take good pictures of the phenomenon, but I also witnessed a few Christmas lights than can give you an idea of the very special atmosphere of the night. Cosmic show at Roppongi ...
    il y a 3099 jours par NoemiMonogatari | Photo
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    December ! Christmas ! Family ! In two weeks I will fly to France, have a great family refill and enjoy Christmas atmosphere. For the moment, I give you the first sweet Xmas hints around :  My little Xmas Tree at home   Xmas lights at Ebisu...
  • Mon beau sapin
    Mon beau sapin
    il y a 3450 jours par NoemiMonogatari | Photo
    Hallelujah ! I learnt that I will be allowed to go back to Fance and spend Christmas 2010 in family - finally ! I experienced Christmas in Japan twice and even if it's funny, that's really not the same. Looking forward the D-Day, I became ...
  • A bit of Christmas magic
    A bit of Christmas magic
    il y a 3460 jours par NoemiMonogatari | Photo
    Christmas as it is used to be in Tokyo : totally non-Christian (Jeezus who ?...), colorful, shiny, German-spirited (did you know the Christmas sausage ? Me neither) and... romantic. This is the time for couple to go to Disneyland and joyfully mix the ...
  • Christmas in the air of Tokyo already - Shinjuku
    Christmas in the air of Tokyo already - Shinjuku
    il y a 3475 jours par NoemiMonogatari | Photo
    The countdown to Christmas is launched already -Shinjuku -