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  • Warm & Tender <b>Special</b> (1989)
    Warm & Tender Special (1989)
    il y a 1508 jours par BlankFormatted | Musique
    ...This is wonderful - a TV special about Olivia's 1989 album ... Out For Me. The special starts with a montage of... we met in the Physical TV special and Jackson, her red setter... modelling Koala Blue clothes. The special ends with the filming of...). Over the end of the TV captions Olivia has added this...
  • Let's Get Physical (1982.02.08)
    Let's Get Physical (1982.02.08)
    il y a 1403 jours par BlankFormatted | Musique
    ... Silvery Rain are of special note.   The TV version and the... home VHS are different. The TV version contains a few sketches...
  • A <b>Special</b> Olivia Newton-John (1976.11.17)
    A Special Olivia Newton-John (1976.11.17)
    il y a 1513 jours par BlankFormatted | Musique
    ...Olivia's first US televsion special aired on ABC in Nov... get guest stars for her special, but things don't seem... wanting to have his own special, Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) is... to be part of the special, only to end up being...
  • [1978 | UNKOWN | ABC <b>TV</b> <b>SPECIAL</b>]
    [1978 | UNKOWN | ABC TV SPECIAL]
    il y a 3892 jours par mikeouej | Inclassable
    Photo complète - 1632 x 2969 - 12,9 Mb
  • Olivia Newton-John's Hollywood Nights (1980.04.14)
    Olivia Newton-John's Hollywood Nights (1980.04.14)
    il y a 1514 jours par BlankFormatted | Musique
    ... in a 1-hour television special, with the help of many..., performed with Cliff Richard). The special included songs from Grease and... her two previous US television specials on the same network. It...'s appearance on Olivia's special helped her sign a contract...
  • The Carpenters' Very First Television <b>Special</b> (1976.12.08)
    The Carpenters' Very First Television Special (1976.12.08)
    il y a 1514 jours par BlankFormatted | Musique
    ... The Carpenters' Very First Television Special. She presented Richard with an...
  • Making Of (2) (2002.12)
    Making Of (2) (2002.12)
    il y a 1495 jours par BlankFormatted | Musique
    A great documentary about the making of Olivia's duet album "2". Behind the scenes footage from the recording studios with interviews with her duet singers - Tina Arena, Human Nature, David Campbell, Keith Urban, Jimmy Little and Billy Thorpe plus lots ...
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