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  • Summertime !
    Summertime !
    il y a 4049 jours par Song4Nadja | Musique
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    NADJA: 'I AM HIV +' Nadja on Stern TV, July 1st, 2009 Nadja Benaissa had... a show called Stern TV. Nadja explained her life with the... all the case. After that, Nadja was there and answered the...'s questions. You were amazing, Nadja, and showed extreme courage and...
    il y a 4038 jours par Song4Nadja | Musique
    ... seems that the charges against Nadja have been dropped ! The record... it ! Still, we can wish Nadja peace of mind now that.... Here's to the future ! Nadja, you showed faith, courage during...
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