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  • Bye Bye Vany !
    Bye Bye Vany !
    il y a 3973 jours par Song4Nadja | Musique
    ... released next november. Please welcome LIZ MCCLARNON on Song 4 Nadja. ------------------------------------------LIZ: ARE YOU IN LOVE ?Miss McClarnon says she's...; is the forthcoming single of Liz's long-awaited debut album... Jaime J, and newcomer Kayney), Liz is also putting the final...
  • News On A Silver Platter
    News On A Silver Platter
    il y a 4009 jours par Song4Nadja | Musique
    ...'S FRANCE ALL THE WAY ! Liz McClarnon was in France too, taking... a well deserved break too. Liz told us recently that her...: Liz then said that the t... over £500,000. Congratulations, Mademoiselle McClarnon ! ONE LIFE: 1m30 PREVIEW ! Nadja...
  • Newsweek
    il y a 4051 jours par Song4Nadja | Musique
    ...' may have been postponed, but Liz McClarnon is still busy little bee... named "Sing" ! And Liz wrote a new blog a... a "God Mother" ! Liz stated that she would definitely...
  • "Update August"
    il y a 3992 jours par Song4Nadja | Musique
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    ... her official Twitter account, Miss McClarnon told us that she was...
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