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  • [Starmada, GZG] Des stars dans les étoiles
    [Starmada, GZG] Des stars dans les étoiles
    il y a 4339 jours par sebastosfig | Loisirs
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    ..., consisting of NSL ships from Ground zero games. I must say I'm... de vaisseaux NSL de chez Ground zero games. Et j'avoue bien aimer...
  • [WIP] European Federation fleet
    [WIP] European Federation fleet
    il y a 4403 jours par sebastosfig | Loisirs
    ... humains... Les vaisseaux viennent de Ground Zero Games, et sont originellement des NSL... le nom ^^.They're from Ground zero games, in their NSL fleet range...
  • 239th
    239th "heavy" troopers
    il y a 4398 jours par sebastosfig | Loisirs
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    ... 15mm GZG minis/ toujours des Ground Zero Games 15mm
  • What's for the menu?
    What's for the menu?
    il y a 4307 jours par sebastosfig | Loisirs
    I'm not as productive as last month but I try to keep up with my deadlines. Fortunately for me, I'm on holiday in less than 2 weeks. I should be able to do some interesting things. Anyway, here is what I hope to do during the coming week:Même si je ne ...
  • [Starmada, GZG] Turenne le destroyer
    [Starmada, GZG] Turenne le destroyer
    il y a 4333 jours par sebastosfig | Loisirs
    He he. This title may be a bit Conan-like (Krom...). Anyway. Today I'll present you two new starships from the Pan-European fleet, of the destroyer class.Derrière ce titre à la Conan se cache une belle vérité: j'ai peint deux autres vaisseaux, de classe ...
  • Security please!
    Security please!
    il y a 4404 jours par sebastosfig | Loisirs
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    The archeological expedition is gone for a short trip. It's now time to learn a bit more about the security in the new planet.The first level of security is represented by the EPEC security teams. EPEC means Extra-Planetary Expeditions and Colonization....
  • European archeological expedition
    European archeological expedition
    il y a 4406 jours par sebastosfig | Loisirs
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    Near the Beta-3 colony, something out of the ordinary was found. some say it's from alien origin. So, the European Federation has sent a team of eminent archeologists to try to find out, before the Pan-American Union sends a team.Des rapports ont ...
  • [WIP] The last of the Prussians
    [WIP] The last of the Prussians
    il y a 4412 jours par sebastosfig | Loisirs
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    At last, the painting phase is finished, with the last 2 musketeer units:So, to finish this commission, I just have to base the units, and voila! I should finish them tomorrow, and deliver the army friday night. the root beer will flow! Yay!Bon, l'armée ...
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