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  • Unfinished Old Porn
    Unfinished Old Porn
    ... porn... and I hate drawing fanart. I really admire people who...
  • Threesome
    A very quick little sketch of a scene from Lords of Gundabad. :3I'm nearly done with this fic, last chapter should be up this weekend if all goes well. Then I'll try to beta some stuff before starting South Away because the uncorrected chapters keep ...
  • Diplomatic Hatesex
    Diplomatic Hatesex
    Quick sketch, don't think I'll ever colour it.Thranduil is surprisingly difficult to draw... also lip-biting is difficult to draw, idk why I thought this was a good idea. For those who didn't know yet, I've written a fic with this pairing. I might even...
  • Facial
    I wanted to sketch Bolg’s dick, but I ended up sketching Bolg with Azog's dick... oops. Nothing like incest to brighten this blog and make you forget that I'm an extremely unproductive piece of garbage lately. List of things nobody ever wanted to see :...
  • Junbel Blowing Yoruka
    Junbel Blowing Yoruka
    Told ya I'd sketch something! Of course it had to be porn~ goddamn Yoruka is fucking handsome, I just love drawing dat sexy fucker so much, UNF! This is pretty much what happened during the Midsummer Festival fireworks, I guess XD They got drunk (as ...
  • WIP Shan Wei x Junbel
    WIP Shan Wei x Junbel
    Lineart and base colouring is done! :D I will finish it SOON™
  • Shan Wei x Junbel
    Shan Wei x Junbel
    God this took forever! OTLAnd like any drawing that takes forever to finish, I like the sketch much more than the final result. *cries* I wanted to have it finished yesterday, but I just spent the whole day watching movies to get my mind off things, I ...
  • Shan Wei x Junbel Sketch
    Shan Wei x Junbel Sketch
    Mogu porn, Mogu pooorn~ With Junbel because he's a submissive as fuck anal slut... even though he says he's straight, lol. Face stepping is one of my fetishes, it's so hawt for some reasons...
  • Zul'rakk x Junbel
    Zul'rakk x Junbel
    Oh boy, this is ridiculous X'D But it's size accurate... jesus fucking christ, this wasn't a good idea. XD That would never fit in his mouth without dislocating his jaw. =/ Also, this happened when Junbel was, like, 19 years old? Hence why he's much ...
  • Haruda x Junbel
    Haruda x Junbel
    Gay trolls are best trolls...Actually Junbel pretends he doesn't like dicks, but he totes does.