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  • People are Strange
    People are Strange
    il y a 3403 jours par ania888 | Inclassable
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    ... j'ai entendu leur chanson Be brave dans le premier épisode de... Texas: Be Brave des Strange Boys. Leur album du même nom, Be Brave est...
  • picture statements: baby <b>be</b> <b>brave</b>
    picture statements: baby be brave
    il y a 3396 jours par leeleerose | Inclassable
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    PHOTOS/GRAFS, East Berlin, March 2011 This is another amazing piece I found in Berlin last March. 3 posts only and you get the idea- the city is painted ALL OVER. Oh and I love it. I'm still trying to find a city that compares- if you think you know, ...
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