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  • Which is difference between <b>BMW</b> icom items?
    Which is difference between BMW icom items?
    il y a 2340 jours par xcardiagobd2 | Auto
    ... by an obd2 tool dealer in USA. Actually, BMW ICOM includes many..., diagnosing, coding and complete system BMW diagnostic tool, possessing the full system that... with old model series with diagnostic socket in engine compartment. Besides... software the password is lowercase “bmw”. When accessed the interface of...
  • Answers to FAQs about <b>BMW</b> Scanner 1.4.0
    Answers to FAQs about BMW Scanner 1.4.0
    il y a 2278 jours par xcardiagobd2 | Auto
    ... feature. 3. Q: Can this BMW scanner disable monitoring of the... the difference between BMW INPA K+CAN and BMW Scanner 1.4... supports more car models than BMW Scanner 1.4.0. The...: Can this tool work on OBD1 cars? My BMW have a SRS... programming you want. The obd2 tool can program a few control...
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