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  • Change: it starts with the dress code
    Change: it starts with the dress code
    il y a 1832 jours par Holona | Mode
    Hi Everyone !  mid-September is the most difficult period! Autumn is desired, the leaves fall, the temperature drop, you feel the winter arrived, the cold ... so what's better for morale than to start a new wardrobe! we must of course adapt to ...
  • London's fashion !
    London's fashion !
    il y a 2120 jours par HolonaGlamour | Mode
    After a hard week at the New York Fashion Week, this week, it's in London where that takes place !  Why i love fashion's London ? During my first journey in London at the age of 11, I was shocked ! in this city, with my little eyes, i see ...
  • how to wear well the trench coat ?
    how to wear well the trench coat ?
    il y a 2210 jours par HolonaGlamour | Mode
    This summer wasn't very well in europe, between the summer and the spring what of better than the trench coat !   *The supermodel Miranda Keer wear it at the perfection ! she didn't arch it in the size what adds a side relaxed in the dresses, but ...
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