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My interest in astronomy began with an observation of the Moon with my grandfather's binoculars when I was 10. I was very surprised to see craters, valleys, mountains on this white seemly flat body. A long course to discover the universe began, with a lot of differents telescopes, observing with my keen eyes and various CCD. I realized soon that nothing can be done in astronomy alone. Searching for companions was difficult in these early times as there were not web or cellular phone or even micro-computer and scientific society didn't accept easily a very enthusiastic young man.. Now I'm not so young but still enthusiastic to participate in differents Pro Am programs.
For the next year I would like to complete my observatory instrumentation with some photometric abilities which fits very well and complementary with spectroscopics observations.
I use a CN212 Takshashi, 212 mm, 12,4/3,9 Cassegrain/Newtonian telescope with a Lhires III 2400 l/mm, and Star Analyser100 with a Atik 314L+, cooled camera based on sony285 CCD

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L'astronomie comme passion, la spectrographie comme moyen de comprendre le monde qui nous entoure. La dernière frontière pour l'amateur. Tout ceci est à notre portée, à la portée du plus grand nombre. Pourquoi hésiter ?

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Toutes mes observations spectrales, spectroscope, télescope et la méthode pour percer le secret des étoiles. All about star spectroscopy and how to do this

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Spectrographie d'un étalon Daystar Quark combo
"Le but de la manip est de déterminer le centre de raie, la bande passante (FWHM), le profil de raie..."
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"Observatory, sweet observatory John"
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"That looks a fantastic setup there Thierry. I am so envious - wish I had a 1m telescope to play..."