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Quelques mots

I've been living in France since September 2004, my first foreign destination after my home-village, Boudjima, a small county in northern Algeria's mountains. Since then, I didn't stop going here and there though I so often long to visit more often my place of birth.

I'm a quite shy lad with more or less easiness to communicate with unkown people...

Centres d'intérêt

I like trips and being abroad...

Films préférés

"Kean", produced by Lodge Kerrigan, the best movie I've ever seen !

Musiques préférées

World music and Jazz.

Livres préférés

"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", Mark Twain ; "Isefra n Si Moh u Mhend" (Poems by Si Moh U Mhend, the well remembered wandering poet in Algeria in the late 19th century) by Mouloud Mammeri, "Le fils du pauvre", Mouloud Feraoun; "Le sommeil du juste", Mouloud Mammeri ...

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This place is open to all those who are trying to learn how to speak Shakespeare's language as coherently as possible. Free your souls and express yourselves!

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Prisoners of Our Own Bodies
"This so-called globalized world has lead humanity to nothing but wild, savage human-beings..."
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