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Isa et Belle

hamburg, Allemagne

Quelques mots

free spirit. literate. stage bird. coffein junkie. hippie at heart. excentric. fashion liver. individualist.

Centres d'intérêt

coffee. theatre. french art movies. fashion. arts.

Films préférés

breakfast at tiffany´s, alfie, factory girl, amélie

Le blog de Isa et Belle

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Catégorie : Couture et Scrapbooking
Mise à jour : il y a 4422 jours
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musings on arts, fashion and all things excentric through the eyes and words of a vintage mind.

Dernier message (le 03/11/2007 à 14:35) :
on stage
"as probably noticed, I´m not posting recently since the play doesn´t leave any time except for..."
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"Hi Love that print, specially the left one. Do you know where I can find it/buy it? Happy to..."
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"I wish you luck with the play. Enjoy it, we are gonna be waiting for your come back (: XOXO jules..."