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My name is Yabyum Welcome in my magical faerie world :) I'm a free nature spirit and all my life is devoted to my beautiful Mother Earth I practice Earth natural magic and I'm also a pagan artist I'm in love with animals ,childrens, Fairies, Unicorns and all magicals creatures of the Universe, plants, herbs and stones The Elements and Mother Nature are my teachers I create magical and healing tools in the perfect respect of Mother Nature . Each item is craft individually, entirelly handcrafted, with love,light,and in a intuitive way , following the correspondances to give at that unique tool magic, healing or sacred energy. Blessings of the Goddess upon you ) O ( Yabyum ) O ( 10% of my gains are donate to IFAW and Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma

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" Bonjour à tous :) Les ateliers en ligne ont repris samedi dernier avec une première session..."
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Merci Père Noël <3
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