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  • Hessdalen : l'hypothèse
    Hessdalen : l'hypothèse "pile naturelle" ressemble à un poisson d'avril !
    il y a 23 jours par blogovni66 | Science
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    ....pdf Essayez de faire un plasma avec 1,1 V ! Ne...) sinon vous allez générer des plasmas ! Patrice SERAY Alors ? Qu'en... "pile naturelle" qui génère des plasmas
  • La vallée d'Hessdalen : une parfaite plasmas" />
    La vallée d'Hessdalen : une parfaite "pile naturelle" qui génère des plasmas
    il y a 23 jours par blogovni66 | Science
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    ... convaincante, le fonctionnement de ces plasmas froids ou bulles ioniques reste... de boules lumineuses de type plasma. Un petit coup d'OVNI...
  • Illuminati Daddy
    Illuminati Daddy
    Always wanted to draw the old man in his sprite pose because it's so dramatic. I remember, back when I first played Black, you only get to see Ghetsis' model at the end of the game. Before that, you only see his overworld sprite, which is tiny and chibi...
  • Boots Worship
    Boots Worship
    Something kinky.Still trying stuff out.It's better than licking whatever the fuck he's wearing in the first game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Waltz
    Something romantic for a change.This was supposed to be a speedpaint until I decided to draw a billion roses because I'm an idiot.I tried drawing on a smaller canvas to see if this would save time, but nope. It makes everything more difficult to work ...
  • Ghetsis Costume Fusion
    Ghetsis Costume Fusion
    BW aesthetic on BW2 style.I'd love to be able to say that this was a quick sketch, but nothing can ever be quick when it comes to this old man's costumes. C'est la vie~I've recently noticed that the robe on the Pikachu dressed as Ghetsis is... BLUE?? ...
  • Flowing
    Half-sketch, half-speedpaint. Trying stuff out. It's faster to do a coloured sketch than a speedpaint, oddly enough, but I can combine both to have a slightly better quality of colours on a sketch. Just because it takes an hour or two more isn't going ...
  • Lord's Supper
    Lord's Supper
    The only way you'd get him to kneel before somebody. *snort*Pov shots are hard.Everything in art is hard.Honestly, the most fun I had drawing this was doing the hair on his arm.Can't even see it on the preview.Religious title.Crosses in the windows.This...
  • La balançoire de <b>plasma</b>, de Pierre La Police et Jean Le Cointre
    La balançoire de plasma, de Pierre La Police et Jean Le Cointre
    il y a 36 jours par olivv | Bandes dessinées
    La balançoire de Plasma (5 volumes publiés enre 1996 ... : unique, la balançoire de plasma l’est aussi par sa...
  • <b>Plasma</b> King
    Plasma King
    ... the cultish vibe of Team Plasma. The 2nd costume, while also... the leader king of Team Plasma. Rainbow Rocket would have looked...